Sentenia Systems

Sentenia Systems is a premier technology solutions provider, with over 28 years in the industry.  We are recognized for our ability to execute the many services we provide, our strong customer relations, core values, experienced technicians, and our commitment to safety, quality, training, and customer service.

Sentenia Systems understands that wireless technology is rapidly evolving and that it plays a growing role in the lives of our clients.  We, therefore, provide our clients with the means to communicate their message through customized technological tools and support.

Network Wireless Solutions  

Whether you are building, relocating or upgrading, structured cabling is the foundation for the growth of your company. We have certified RCDD designers, certified network specialists, and BICSI technicians on staff to work as a team.

BICSI Structured Cabling  

Sentenia Systems provides the latest video technology for all environments using the highest quality products. Our selection of advanced surveillance technology will provide you with the most modern options available.

Security Systems  

Communication is the backbone of every company whether local or international. Sentenia offers a comprehensive set of tools in a Unified Communication System to help your company connect with clients and employees with ease.

Industry Specific Solutions  

Sentenia Systems works with its customers to design and implement the best wireless solution based on specific needs. Our unified process from design, installation and maintenance leaves our customers with a turnkey solution that gives the best wireless coverage.

In-Building Wireless Solutions  

Our business world is technology dependent and ever evolving. When your business needs the latest technology, Sentenia can offer your business a comprehensive suite of services for your current and future needs.

IT Solutions  

With Sentenia’s new Antenna Inline Motorized Mount (A.I.M.M.),  you can remotely optimize your network in minutes, respond in real time to network traffic changes and increase capacity and coverage, all without dispatching a climbing team to the site. 


Safety Is Our Number One Priority

At Sentenia Systems, the Health/Safety and Environmental impact to our employees, customers, contractors and neighbors is our company’s greatest responsibility. Our crews have the most advanced equipment and information to get the job done and deliver reliable service, while never losing sight of the importance of performing their work safely.