Resident Safety Systems

Quantum by JNL is a single platform wander management, access control, and nurse call solution specifically designed for the senior living market. Bringing these mission-critical safety systems into one platform enables unified reports that provides insights into resident and staff activity, eases system administration, and improves reliability.

Quantum Unified Monitoring

Explore the Quantum Family of advanced monitoring solutions including wander management, access control, nurse call, and mobile alert management, each product available individually or together in a single platform.

Quantum Solution Overview
quantum sa wander management controller

Wander Management and Access Control

Quantum Door Control is the only single platform wander management and access control system on the market.

Wireless Nurse Call System

Quantum Nurse Call gives residents freedom and security with attractive and convenient wireless call buttons and pull cords.


Mobile Alerting and Management

This phone-based alternative to pagers, adds staff
efficiency tools. Quantum Mobile helps Caregivers
reduce response times by eliminating duplicate

Care Tracking and Insights

Quantum Insights analyzes the extensive alarm and care information collected by the Quantum system to provide actionable patterns and trends in your community.


Corporate Dashboard

Unify reporting and management
of multiple Quantum systems, and gain insight into the performance and operations of all facilities corporate-wide.

Location and Fall Detection

The new Fall Detection and Location Pendant solutions use advanced technology automatically alert caregivers, leading to faster response times, better resident outcomes, and greater efficiency for staff.

  • Advanced algorithm monitors for fall events
  • Bluetooth enabled call buttons provide more accurate location
  • Call Buttons achieve IP67 waterproof rating

Best In Class Wander Management

Quantum SA brings JNL’s Bluetooth wander management technology to smaller areas that don’t need the centralized management features of the full Quantum package or to sites that already have an access control/nurse call solution.

  • Cutting edge bluetooth technology at a competitive price 
  • Easy to install – no wire runs or server required
  • Wander bands are managed from an Android tablet

Easy to Configure and Manage

The Quantum app pre-installed on the included tablet is designed to be quick, intelligent, and easy to use.

Use the built-in tools to:

  • Manage and test resident wander bands
  • Change door bypass codes
  • Adjust resident detection range
quantum sa wander management controller

Wander Management Controller

The controller is the heart of of the Quantum SA system. A color touch screen provides useful information on the state of the door and Bluetooth wander technology eliminates interference.

Quantum SA App

All aspects of Quantum SA management is made simple using the included rugged Android tablet. The tablet can communicate wirelessly with both the wander transmitters and the controller installed
at the door.


Wander Management Bands

Similar in size and style to a smartwatch, the water resistant, bluetooth wander bands feature one year battery life, can be tested with the Quantum SA App, and can be removed for reuse without cutting the band.

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