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Never push a test button again

Hexmodal’s wireless testing system automatically performs all monthly and annual tests. You never need to raise a finger.

Emergency Lighting CMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your lights cause interference with other hospital equipment?

Our devices are FCC Certified to not cause any interference. Unwanted interference has never been a problem in the 100+ buildings we operate in. 

You can see our FCC certification here.

Is this system approved by CMS and The Joint Commission?

Yes! See our approval letter from TJC here or NFPA 101, 2012

In the 12+ TJC surveys our customers have been through, they have never had a problem.

How does it connect to the internet if it doesn’t use our network?

Our lights use a mixture of a Cellular connection and Low-Frequency Radio to communicate. This means they don’t connect to your internet at all, but still work in places with poor cell signals like basements and MRI rooms.