Business Phone Services

In the not too distant past, business phones systems meant merely a singular main phone directly linked to your office.  Now in our highly developed world, it means linking all communication services together such as web conferencing, video, Instant Messaging, email, voice and, of course, the multitude of mobile devices that help drive every company. The ability to seamlessly coordinate a business phone system among all these platforms is what Sentenia does best. Whether your business is large or small, we can offer you a variety of configurations, features and benefits such as twinning, call forwarding, handoff and conference calling, to personalize your company’s unique requirements.


VoIP Telephone System

The technology of a “Voice over Internet Protocol” system allows businesses to use the internet to make and receive telephone calls. This has a number of financial perks including: reducing phone charges, a reduction of travel and training costs, since one of the tools of VoIP is web and video conferencing, and a reduction of overall costs since there will be a single network for voice and data. VoIP also allows access to your phone system at home, with a client, at a hotel or just about anywhere.  In addition, one phone number can ring on multiple devices simultaneously. This means you won’t miss critical calls.

Carrier Services

Every business needs to connect to the outside world and engage customers. Deciding which carrier service is best for the needs of your company can be difficult. Sentenia has spent three decades building relationships with carriers in order to work on your company’s behalf during the process of installation, billing, and repairs. By using our extensive knowledge of communications systems along with our partnerships with carriers, we will get to know your business needs and then help you choose the right services for your company. We will balance your budget requirements and bandwidth needs. Trust that we will be right there with you the whole way ensuring that your unique needs are met.