Sentenia Becomes Certified in FutureFlex Sumitomo Training

March 7, 2017

SenteniaSysumimomstems’ technicians were excited to participate in the FutureFlex Sumitomo Training. The hands on exercises took place in our very own training facility. This extensive training benefits Sentenia in several ways, making us more knowledgeable and proactive in the industry. Upon completion, the technicians will know how to plan the fiber bundle network based on initial fiber type and count requirements, design the tube cable infrastructure based on installation, environment and expected growth, and determine the appropriate tube distribution hardware, field termination units, and associated parts.

Completing this training does not only mean that our technicians will be certified installers, but our company is an authorized and licensed partner with Sumitomo Electric. Sentenia Systems is proud to be certified with Sumitomo, and we applaud our technicians for the completion of this training!




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