Sentenia Completes Corning Fiber Installation Training

February 27, 2017

Corning Fiber Optic Installation Training

Completing a 3 day Corning Fiber Optic Installation Training “See the Light” course, we were confident that our Sentenia technicians were going to receive extensive and valuable information to better their knowledge in the cabling field. Being certified with Corning gives us the advantage of learning about new equipment and the latest installations. Our cable technicians enjoy staying up to date in this industry to guarantee the best quality service for our customers. Corning Training is extremely hands on allowing the technicians to understand and execute these procedures. The fiber installation training involved testing and troubleshooting, fiber optic connectivity, fiber optic splicing, fiber optic hardware, and cable construction.  Our cable technicians completed this course, and now have more knowledge of fiber installation thanks to Corning.  SeIMG_8040ntenia is proud of our technicians for their achiconrnevement of this training!